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Ductless Homeowners Guide

Set mode to either “Heat” or “Cool” do NOT use the “Auto” mode.
This will provide the best efficiency and comfort.
Set fan to “Auto” mode. Do not set a specific speed.
Auto fan mode will synchronize the fan speed with the compressor speed providing the best efficiency and comfort.
“Set it and forget it”.
Ductless heat pumps operate best when set and kept at a constant temperature. When homes with ductless heat pumps get too cold in the winter months or too hot in the summer months due to the system being turned off, it can take days or weeks to balance the room and home temperature again. Ductless heat pumps are designed to deliver constant heating or cooling at very low, even rates to your home. Turning the system On and Off will end up costing you more.
Leave interior doors open when possible.
The ductless heat pump has the capacity to provide efficient heating and cooling for the entire home. Leaving interior doors open will allow the conditioned air to spread throughout your home.
It’s not on fire, it’s just in a defrost cycle.
Ductless heat pumps in the heating mode will periodically need to go through defrost cycles to eliminate ice build up on the exterior heat transfer coil. The signs of a defrosting coil are; indoor fan will stop, outdoor fan will stop, outdoor unit will ramp up to high speed, and steam will begin to come off outdoor unit. This cycle will typically last 5-7 minutes and in certain outdoor conditions can happen every 30 minutes.
“My ductless heat pump has sprung a water leak”.
Ductless heat pump systems do not have water connections. In the winter months when the system goes through a defrost cycle, water from the melting ice will pour out of the bottom of the unit. This is a normal function.
Let the heat pump do the work.
Ductless heat pumps are very energy efficient and inexpensive to operate compared to other electric heat. Don't be afraid to raise the temperature to a comfortable level. In extremely cold weather, 20s and below, the ductless unit may require added heat from an auxiliary source. The best way to avoid needing any help from a backup heat source is to maintain a constant temperature. By doing so you will help cushion any extreme temperature variations with the warmth provided by your home's thermal mass.
Clean air filters every three months. Simply slide out and vacuum off. Try to avoid washing filters if possible. The small allergen filters will last three years and can be vacuumed as needed. Do not wash allergen filters. Once a year have a scheduled tune up performed by a qualified professional.
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