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Home for the Holidays

2020 Home for the Holidays Contest

Home for the Holidays Contest

Congratulations, Robert

Author: Robert, WINNER
Being Home for the Holidays is a feeling of warmth, love and hope. As my wife and I have no children, we extend our Christmas spirit to our puppy Snowball. Snowball was a Christmas adoption four years ago after we my wife's dog, Garth pasted. We tried hard to imagine a Christmas season without a puppy and decided we would adopt. The day my wife came home with pictures of the new puppies up for adoption, I knew we were going to have a new life sharing our home that Xmas season. After the latest snowfall, we went to Heartland and met Snowball for the first time. We fell in love with him. But, there was already a couple who was first in line to adopt this happy and playful ball of white fur. We thought we would not be successful and so went home sad. Several days later, we got the call from Heartland that Snowball was available. Just like that we had our Xmas puppy. Snowball now joins us each Xmas as we decorate the tree, the house and wrap presents. He snuggles with my wife as we watch Hallmark Xmas movies and is a true happy soul. Now that we attend worship services over the internet, Snowball rests at our feet as we worship each Sunday. Our family of three celebrate all the family traditions of both my wife and my childhoods. Snowball adds to our joy and as a Xmas baby he knows the holiday is special. This year, as we drink hot chocolate, listen to Xmas eve services, we will have Snowball at our feet reminding us that love, from all living creatures is a true gift.