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Coloring contest entries

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Artist: Addy
A picture of when Santa comes to your house, after the last colorful leaves fall, and the snowmen are out. The kids in the house are asleep waiting for Santa to drop off presents.
Artist: Jaxon
Christmas is spesial to me because it's Jesus's birthday
Artist: Deegan
Christmas for Deegan. Santa, another man, and a tornado!
Artist: Jacoby, 12/2 WINNER
Christmas means to me that it is time for family and friends

Artist: Sophia, 12/25 WINNER
Christmas means where you get together with friends and family, spread the joy, eat some pie and be happy! That’s what Christmas means to me!
Artist: Brianne
What Christmas means to me is family, the smell of pine and lots of socks. I chose this picture cause it reminds me how we can come together & make a rough situation better.
Artist: Halle
Halle is 9 years old Christmas makes me feel like making cookies for my neighbors
Artist: Braddock
Braddock is 5. He wrote the Merry Christmas by himself. He also likes that he drew someone looking out thre window for the first time

Artist: Anthem
Anthem is 8. He loves to draw and animate. Thank you for allowing him to show off his work.
Artist: Jamie
My favorite thing about Christmas is celebrating baby Gods birthday, singing Christmas songs and knowing that Santa is coming! Thanks Santa
Artist: Riley, 12/1 WINNER
My favorite part about Christmas is spending time with my family. I like to be celebrate Jesus’s birthday and drink hot chocolate.
Artist: Cambria
What Christmas means to me: “It is about love and joy.

Artist: Riley 2
My favorite part of Christmas is that it is Jesus’ birthday and we get presents and we can sled in the snow.
Artist: Hailey, 12/4 WINNER
Christmas means to me the time of the nativity and a time of love and kindness.
Artist: Sequoia
Christmas to me is about celebrating God's Birthday - When Jesus was born. Sequioa age 7
Artist: Mikaiah, 12/9 WINNER
To me Christmas means celebrating the birth of Jesus age 9
Artist: Aliya, 12/17 WINNER
It means love and presents and trying to catch Santa and the reindeer.
Artist: Lexi
I love my family. I love that we get to buy presents for others.
Artist: Emma, 12/13 WINNER
Christmas means singing around the Christmas tree with my family!
Artist: Avery
Avery is 1 and likes to see all the Christmas lights.
Artist: Sophia Rae, 12/12 WINNER
Christmas means spending time with my family. Sophia age 6
Artist: Brigid 12/10 WINNER
This is me spending time with my family and having a good time but we are also handing out presents.
Artist: Alyssa
Chistmas means to celebrate the magical moment that happened on this day and to have fun while the day lasts.
Artist: Italn, 12/19 WINNER
Christmas means to me Santa, a purple Cristmas tree, snowman, snow globe, Santa has a sleigh
Artist: Mckenzie, 12/20 WINNER
My family and I are building a snowman and can't wait for christmas morning!
Artist: Brent
Brent is 7. Presents remind me of the wisemen with gold, myrrh, and frankincense. And the tree and the star remind me of the star being super high above the barn where Jesus was born.
Artist: Isaac
Isaac age 9 says Christmas is special because of presents, love, and Christmas songs at church.
Artist: Elijah. 12/11 WINNER
Christmas is special to me because Jesus was born and we get to open presents.
Artist: Avery, 12/7 WINNER
Christmas is special because family comes over and we get to open presents. Sometimes it snows.
Artist: Sierra, 12/6 WINNER
Sierra is 11 and says that Christmas is about being with family and celebrating the birth of Jesus.
Artist: Hunter
Getting a Christmas tree and putting up Christmas lights. Getting gifts for family and having good days. He is 6 years old.
Artist: Bentley, 12/8 WINNER
Family and Christmas lights he is 3
Artist: Carter
Christmas is to me a time to have fun with your family and to be very happy.
Artist: Violet, 12/14 WINNER
What Christmas means to me is giving gifts and seeing friends and family.
Artist: Shylea-Ann
Christmas to Me is when family comes from all over to spend time together and love each other more. Giving is so nice and I love to do it.
Artist: Shandrea, 12/21 WINNER
What Christmas means to me it means I love it

Artist: Grace, 12/5 WINNER
I think Christmas is about giving. It's slso about being grateful for what you get.
Artist: Adilee, 12/3 WINNER
I think that Christmas is about the birth of Baby Jesus and family and it is about how you can love Jesus.
Artist: Jordyn, 12/22 WINNER
What Christmas means to me is my moms delishous monkey bread and its about spending time with family and having fun with family. I just absoutly love to decorate the Christmas tree. Our family has two elves on the shelves. One is named Isabelle. Jolly is the trouble maker. One year he broke into the gingerbred house, and it was through the roof. That is what Christmas means to me.
Artist: Deacon
Christmas is about Jesus and giving. Merry Christmas. I hope you have a great holiday.

Artist: Laurel, 12/18 WINNER
Christmas to me is the best time when my family is around the Christmas tree eating cinnamon rolls and giving gifts
Artist: Makinzey
Christmas is about being thankful. Christmas is about giving.
Artist: Boone
It’s Santa’s workshop and he’s going out to give presents to all the kids. The elf is taking a break and eating a candy cane
Artist: Calvin, 12/15 WINNER
I told my mom I was drawing Santa. Then I drew a sun, but decided in the end it was really a rainbow sea urchin. I’m three and I express myself in mysterious ways

Artist: Ava
To me Christmas means Jesus's birth and receving and giving gifts. To me Christmas is a holiday that we celebrate as a whole family. In my house we have a special breakfast, we have a tree that is decorated, and our family comes over, they give us presents and we give them presents. Also it is Jesus's birthday and it is fun!
Artist: Jonah
Chrismas means to me that we can celebrate our King Jesus' birthday!! Happy birthday Jesus
Artist: Abigail
I love seeing the joy on peoples faces when they get their presents.
Artist: Byleah

Artist: Layla
Christmas is important to me because it's about being thankful for the stuff you get and having a lot of fun.
Artist: Braeden
Artist: Natalie
Decorating the tree and having fun with family.
Artist: Caitlin
My favorite part is opening presents.

Artist: Alvia
Age 5. Opening presents. Santa giving presents.
Artist: Kylie
Age 2. She didn't understand my question, but so far she sure likes redecorating the Christmas tree, opening up her advent calendar, and looking at the wonderful outside Christmas lights.
Artist: Weston
My favorite thing about Christmas is the night before CHristmas. Just waiting for Santa
Artist: Raylan, 12/23 WINNER
Every night I'v always wonderd how Santa got here now I no.

Artist: Elsie
Artist: Ruby
To me Christas means Jesus’ birth and receiving and giving gifts, and being with the ones you love.
Artist: Cailyn, 12/24 WINNER
To me, Christmas means Jesus’ birthday. Age 7
Artist: Addison
To me, Christmas means giving gifts to others and Jesus' birthday. Age 9

Artist: Amelia
What Christmas means to me is spending time with my family in Arizona
Artist: Katerina
What I like about Christmas is being with my family and opening presents. Age 10
Artist: Edward
I love my family and my presents.
Artist: Sterling.
Christmas mean to me, it's all about God!