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Air Quality Products

Air Quality Product Line

Cleaneffects Air Cleaner

Home comfort isn't just about temperature. Trane sets the standard with air cleaners, humidifiers and whole-home filtration systems that work to provide a cleaner and healthier environment.

Up to 99.98% allergen removal
Industry-leading air cleaner
Cleanable, reusable filter

Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner

The Honeywell F300 Whole-House Electronic Air Cleaner is the most advanced and easy-to-use solution for improving your indoor air quality. When installed into your home's heating and cooling system, and Electronix Air Cleaner traps and filters up to 99%* of airborne particles passing through the system to make sure cleaner air is distributed to all rooms in your home.

MicroClean 95 CG Whole Home "Micro Particle" Hybrid Air Cleaner

The Respicaire MicroClean 95 CG Hybrid Air Cleaner works on the effective process of electro-magnetic attraction to removed harmful, airborne particles from your indoor air. This includes particles as small as 0.001 microns. The patented Carbon Graphite CG charging system places a powerful elctro-magnetic charge on the unique, low static media pads inside each air cleaner. These specialized pads attract, collect & containt harmful airborne particulates. The removal of these troublesome particulates helps to create a healthier, more natural, indoor air environment.

Respicaire OdorMiser DTX

Respicaire OdorMiser DTX™ is a Whole Home Air Purifier designed for residential and light commercial applications. The DTX™ is designed for your central heating and cooling system. It utilizes 3 unique processes to reduce & inactivate Airborne & Surface Molds, Virus, Bacteria, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and Odors. It is particularly effective at reducing odor causing gases & VOC’s with its’ Enhanced Honeycomb technology.

Respicaire Bi-Polar Ion Plasma System 24V

The Respicaire NPI Ion Plasma Air Treatment System is n air enhancement device that features active ions to treat your indoor air. The Ion plasma systems are designed to be installed in your central heating & cooling system. The active ions help treat your indoor air around the clock. Moreover, these devices help control and prevent the buildup of contaminants on your evaporative coils.

iWave M Mini Flex

iWave-M is a flexible ion-generating bar that can treat IAQ in nearly any HVAC application. The air purifier provides the highest level of ionization energy in the most compact size available in the market, producing 240 million ions/cc per linear feet. The highly versatile iWave-M is low maintenance with no replacement parts. As the air flows past the iWave-M, the device emits positive and negative ions, creating a plasma region that purifies the air, killing mold, bacteria and viruses in the coil and living space. The ionization process also reduces allergens, smoke and static electricity, as well as controlling odors (cooking, pet, VOCs) and other particles (no more sunbeams) in the air without creating ozone or any harmful byproducts.

Air Scrubber with ActivePure™ Technology

Benefits: Air Scrubber with Activepure™ space technology reduces 99.9% of the dangerous airborne contaminants throughout your home. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ranked indoor air pollution among the fice environmental dangers. The quality of indoor air can be two - five times (and even up to 100 times) more polluted than the worst outside air. Air Scrubber Plus® ensures that air ducts, tables, furniture, countertops, bathrooms, doorknobs, and practically every surface you touch is cleaner and sager for your family. It's as simple as turning on your fan, furnace, or air conditioning system.