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Trane Thermostats and Controls

Trusted Trane DealerThermostats and controls can manage your energy use, adjust temperature and humidity levels, turn on and off lights, lock and unlock doors and check your security cameras. All of this can be managed remotely through computers, tablets and most smartphones. So, they really are more than just thermostats. They're the central hub for your home.

Connected Controls

Adjust the temperature of your home no matter where you are with a Wi-Fi connected control.

ComfortLink™ II XL1050

Trane ComfortLink™ II XL1050 Zoning Control with built-in Nexia Bridge combines zoning technology and a home automation hub to remotely control your home, comfort, and energy use. It's easily accessible from a smartphone, tablet or computer, which makes adjusting the temperature for your family's comfort a breeze.
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet Connectivity
  • 7” Large Color Touchscreen
  • Built-in Nexia Bridge
  • Program up to 4 schedules a day, 7 days a week

ComfortLink™ II XL850

Control your variable speed or communicating system with our new smart control.
  • Cooling Stages: 2 Stages
  • Stages: 5 Stages
  • Programmable: 7 Days


The XL824 7-day programmable control is Wi-Fi enabled, compatible with almost all HVAC systems, and can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Cooling Stages: 2 Stages
  • Stages: 5 Stages
  • Programmable: 7 Days


Compatible with Nexia Home Intelligence, this programmable, touch-screen thermostat and control can remotely control your home's temperature to help suit your lifestyle and reduce your energy consumption. This Trane touch-screen thermostat connects you with your home and family, even when you're away.
  • Cooling Stages: 2 Stages
  • Stages: 4 Stages
  • Programmable: 7 Days